Unbeatable Hotel Finance head - Win 2024 and beyond
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Unbeatable Hotel Finance head - Win in 2024 and beyond (May Cohort)

"Master the secrets of hotel finance strategies and drive unstoppable success in the evolving industry landscape of 2024 and beyond!"

Instructor: Manish GuptaLanguage: English

About the course


Unbeatable Hotel Finance head - Win in 2024 and beyond is a comprehensive course designed to equip hotel finance professionals with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the dynamic hospitality industry. This course covers essential concepts and strategies that will enable finance heads to make sound financial decisions, optimize revenue, and drive profitability within the hotel business.

Mode of Delivery:

The course is hybrid model, there will be pre-recorded lessons in each section and weekly live sessions with Instructors covering various aspects of hotel management.

Key Highlights:

  • Mastering hotel finance fundamentals
  • Financial analysis and performance benchmarking
  • Effective cost control and budgeting strategies
  • Optimizing revenue management
  • Strategic investment decisions
  • Managing capital structure and financing options
  • Financial forecasting and planning techniques
  • Understanding tax implications and legal regulations
  • Developing leadership and communication skills

What you will learn:

  • Mastering hotel finance fundamentals:
    This module provides a solid foundation in hotel finance, covering topics such as financial statements, cash flow analysis, and key financial ratios.
  • Financial analysis and performance benchmarking:
    Learn how to assess financial performance, conduct competitive analysis, and benchmark your hotel's financial metrics against industry standards.
  • Effective cost control and budgeting strategies:
    Discover proven techniques to manage costs, implement efficient budgeting processes, and enhance overall operational efficiency.
  • Optimizing revenue management:
    Understand the principles of revenue management, pricing strategies, and demand forecasting to maximize hotel revenue and profitability.
  • Strategic investment decisions:
    Gain insights into evaluating investment opportunities, conducting feasibility studies, and making prudent investment decisions that align with business goals.
  • Managing capital structure and financing options:
    Learn about different financing options, capital structure decisions, and the implications of debt and equity financing on hotel operations.
  • Financial forecasting and planning techniques:
    Develop skills in financial forecasting, scenario analysis, and long-term planning to support strategic decision-making and navigate industry uncertainties.
  • Understanding tax implications and legal regulations:
    Get familiar with tax planning strategies, legal compliance requirements, and regulatory frameworks specific to the hotel industry.
  • Developing leadership and communication skills:
    Enhance your leadership abilities, communication skills, and teamwork to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and drive success in your role.


What does all this include?

  1. 20 Hours of Live sessions (Once a week for 1 hour)
  2. 5 Live 1-1 mentorship sessions spread over 6 months post-completion of the course
  3. Support in Job Search.
  4. Makeover of LinkedIn in Profiles and Personal Branding



Meet Manish Gupta

Energetic, ambitious and Result-oriented professional, offering +15 years of extensive experience in Hotel Management, supporting hotel operations, Finance, Audit, Risk management, marketing and Customer experience.

Manish has hands-on experience in Hospitality finance, Financial Planning and Analysis, Managing Hotel operations (quality, marketing, peoples management and bringing change)

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