Communication Skills for Front office Managers
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Communication Skills for Front office Managers

A receptionist or other customer-facing employee is typically the first service employee any hotel guests interact with. This sets the tone for their whole stay – clear, considerate interaction can even reduce unpleasant misunderstandings.

Instructor: Sharmila ChandLanguage: English

About the course

The real difference between a good hotel and a lackluster one isn’t always fancy decoration or an award-winning chef. Often, friendly staff who are skilled at communicating with customers make a real difference.

All hotel employees should be well-spoken and cordial. The front office staff, however, should make this a key part of their personality at work. Guests will sometimes be angry, tired, or confused – dealing with their problems, quickly and professionally, can often turn a bad experience into a good one.

Not only that, people are always happier and more relaxed when they feel welcome. This leads to both better tips and greater spending by each guest.

What This Course Will Teach You

This course is relatively short at only one hour in length. It is therefore not meant to teach you every aspect of communication in a hotel environment. Rather, it will introduce you to some of the main principles and techniques which you can then put into practice in your own time.

Some concepts covered include:

  • Introduction to body language
  • Checking guests in and out
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Handling guests’ complaints and requests
  • Engaging with guests

Just like making a bed or vacuuming a carpet, good communication skills are something nearly anybody can learn. These are crucial in any hotel career.


Meet Manish Gupta

Energetic, ambitious and Result-oriented professional, offering +15 years of extensive experience in Hotel Management, supporting hotel operations, Finance, Audit, Risk management, marketing and Customer experience.

Manish has hands-on experience in Hospitality finance, Financial Planning and Analysis, Managing Hotel operations (quality, marketing, peoples management and bringing change)

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