New Hygiene Protocols and Products, Air-Conditioning, Water Purification and Conservation

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As the world prepares for the New Normal, what are the new demands on the creativity of engineers in the hospitality sector and the new technologies that will make their task easier? Are malls prepared for the inevitable engineering overhaul that confronts them? What are the hygiene and sanitary issues that hospitality sector engineers would have to confront before anything else?

The pandemic has caused a sea of changes in the hospitality sector, forcing engineers and innovators to come up with creative solutions to keep customers safe. In response to the novel Coronavirus, engineers have developed new hygiene protocols and products to ensure the safety of guests. This includes air-conditioning systems that purify air, water filters for effective water purification and conservation measures.
These creative solutions are designed to minimize risk while still providing guests with an enjoyable experience. For example, advanced air-conditioning systems can filter out potentially hazardous particles from the air, while water filters remove impurities from drinking water. Moreover, careful monitoring of water usage helps prevent wastage and conserve resources without compromising on luxury services for guests.
By embracing such innovative solutions, hospitality companies can continue to provide quality services for their customers amid these trying times.

Manish Gupta

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