Meaning & implication of hospitality and How the hotel industry is Unique

Hospitality - Welcoming & Greeting Guests to look after them with warmth.

What is the Hospitality industry and how the hotel industry is related to other components?

Hospitality - Welcoming & Greeting Guests to look after them with warmth.

  • The Solar System- The Sun, the biggest Star is the entre of the Solar System with all the planets rotating around it.
  • Similarly in the Hospitality Industry- The Hotel Industry is like the Sun, Central to it. All other segments of the hospitality industry revolve around it. Like Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Amusement Parks, Money Changers, Logistics of Travel- flights, trains, ships, buses & taxis.
  • There can be no hospitality Industry without the Hotel Industry.

How the Hotel industry is unique

  • Only Service Industry Sector serving the basic needs of man.
  • Only Service Industry Sector where raw materials are purchased, processed, packaged, served to customers/ guests with feedback and billing done –All Under One Roof!
  • The Service Industry Sector which has the highest number of Internal Customers around 8-10 to serve 1 customer/ guest.
  • Has the most perishable commodity; Rooms if not sold by midnight, revenue lost as books are closed at midnight.
  • By People For People With People- People the customers/guests, people servicing their needs . It’s a people industry. ITC Hotel's copy ‘We Enjoy People ‘ meaning We Enjoy to see people enjoy!
  • 24x7 365 days Doors Open.

Manish Gupta
A California-based travel writer, lover of food, oceans, and nature.

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