Popular Hospitality Job opportunities Trends and required skills in 2022

Hospitality Industry is one of the most secure industries , with various and specialized hospitality job opportunities.

Hospitality Industry is one of the most secure industries, with various and specialized hospitality job opportunities. This industry was ranked as No.6 in the 2015 Best Industry Ranking Report which reveals some interesting insights into the happiest industries around. The hospitality jobs are also universal experiences because these jobs sharpen a skill set that is globally recognized and applicable to any business around the world. These factors indicate that it is a good industry to work.

The hospitality industry is a wide-ranging category of fields within the service industry that includes different sectors. If you want to enter or to be a professional in the hospitality industry, you should know the different sectors in it.

There are four sectors of the hospitality industry:

  1. Food and Beverages,
  2. Travel and Tourism,
  3. Lodging
  4. Recreation and Entertainment.

1.Food and Beverages establishments & hospitality job opportunities

The food and beverage sector, also known as F&B sector is the largest segment of the hospitality industry.It starts with food production and ends at food representation on the eating tables, with storage and cooking steps including in the middle.The Food and Beverage industry not only is at the core of the hospitality industry, but it is also one of the largest markets with some reports estimating the F&B market in India to be more than 2000 United States Dollar.

Careers in Food and Beverage sector

1.Executive Chef

An executive chef is a managerial role that involves a lot of work in the hospitality industry. It is the highest position in most of the kitchens. Executive chefs are responsible for food preparation and cooking activities in a facility or for several restaurants. They have to supervise chefs, sous chefs, line cooks and kitchen helpers. An executive chef researches and responds to trends in the food industry, plans and writes menus, manages finances and supervises kitchen operations. Plan and write menus, using descriptive text to encourage sales, ensure food meet quality standards, use financial management skills, use human resource management skills, may prepare and cook meals and specialty foods.

Skills requirements

  • Experience as a chef, cook, catering manager
  • Human resource management skills
  • Financial management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Soft skills such as leadership, team building skills, time management skills and
  • Knowledge and interest in industry trends.
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A waiter or waitress is a person who greets the guest, takes the order, serves the food and looks after the requirements of a guest at a restaurant or a hotel.They work in restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, and other food-serving establishments. They communicate directly with customers taking orders, serving food and beverages, and take payments.Skills requirements

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Detailed oriented to remember customer’s orders
  • Problem solving skills
  • Should have a smile on face
  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills

3.Food and Beverage Service Supervisor

Food and beverage supervisors are responsible to supervise kitchen and bar staff and food and beverage servers. They also have to supervise the staff in a kitchen or a food production industry. They may take care of customer complaints, keep track of costs and earnings and help the staff coordinate. Main responsibilities are to use human resource management skills, ensure customer satisfaction, resolve complaints, conflicts and problems, order and maintain inventory control costs.Skills requirements

  • Excellent Sales
  • Customer service skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Management skills
  • Knowledge of the products, services, sector, industry and local area,
  • Knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations.


Bakers prepare bread, rolls, pies, cakes and other baked goods. They may be following tried and true recipes or may be developing new ones. The position may mean the baker specializes in creating one or two types of baked goods, or may be involved in making all the baked goods required. 

Skills requirement

Ability to read and follow recipes

Excellent baking skills

Good organizational skills


Good health

Project management skills

5.Sommelier (Wine server)

Wine servers have to recommend and serve wine to guests. They work in hotels, private clubs and dining rooms, and on cruise ships. Wine servers have an extensive knowledge of wine, which allows them to match appropriate wines to customers.

Skills requirement

Certificates in bartending, responsible alcohol service, wines, first aid and service 

Good communication skills 

Professional appearance and attitude

Excellent customer service skills

Extensive knowledge of wines and wine production methods

Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations 

Knowledge of the facility, sector and industry

2.Lodging (Accommodation) & hospitality job opportunities

Lodging means accommodation for a period or a place to sleep for one or more nights. Lodging Sector includes Fancy hotels, youth hostels, elder hostels, campgrounds, motels and other businesses that provide a place for people to sleep overnight.Accommodation is an absolutely broad sector of the hospitality industry, ranging from bed & breakfast enterprises and hotels to other facilities that offer lodging services.

Careers in Lodging Sector


The work of a Hotel Receptionist is one that is regarded as reputable and highly ranked within the hotel. It is also often seen as the best possible position from which to start your Hotel Career. The receptionist interacts directly with customers, providing them with various services. They handle phone reservations, confirm previously-made reservations, give directions to the hotel and answer any questions customers have about the lodgings.

Skills requirement

Excellent communication skills

Good knowledge about the country’s culture

Excellent interpersonal skills

Problem solving skills

Time management skills

Excellent customer service

2.Hotel General Manager

The hotel general manager is responsible for all aspects of operations at the hotel, to day-to-day staff management and guests. This involves interacting with guests, managing staff, handling the finances of the property, and much more.

Skills Requirement

Management skills Interpersonal skills

Leadership skills

Financial management skills

Decision making skills


Housekeepers are responsible for maintaining a standard of cleanliness of the whole hotel or other hospitality venue. They clean individual hotel rooms as well as the common areas. Housekeepers within the hospitality industry make beds, do laundry, clean bathrooms, stock linens, and more.

Skills requirement

HonestyStrong time management skill

Laundry skills

Attention to details



A hotel porter welcomes guests, carries their luggage to and from their room and arranges various services such as taxis and restaurant bookings. A porter is one of many support staff positions in the hospitality industry.

Skills requirement

Excellent communication skills

Excellent interpersonal skills

Problem solving skills

Clean and Tidy Appearance

Good Physical Fitness

Positive attitude

Excellent customer service skill

3.Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism deal with services related to moving people from place to place. The major function of tourism is to encourage people to travel. When people travel, either for business or leisure, they spend money on hospitality.The travel industry is in the business of moving people from place to place while the tourism industry provides those people with services that promote travel and vacations.

Careers in Travel and Tourism Industry

1.Travel Agent

The main tasks of travel agents are to research, plan, and book trips for individuals and groups. They have to provide customers with advice on what travel products are the best for them according to the customers’ preferences and budget. Although people can research and book their travel plans online themselves, it’s easier to use a Travel Agent, because they have a lot of experience and knowledge.

Skills requirement

Organizational skills

Attention to detail

Positive mindset


Excellent communication skill

2.Tour guide

Tour Guides are responsible for helping people to visit unfamiliar areas. They usually make special trips with groups of tourists in order to show them important places in cities. Tour Guides must have expert knowledge of specific areas, including natural features, historic sites, museums, and other tourist destinations.

Skills requirement

Excellent communication skills

Have knowledge about the places

Language skills

Excellent interpersonal skills


3. Tour operator

A Tour Operator typically combines tour and travel components to create holiday packages. Tour operators plan, arrange, sell and operate tours. They have to deal with all details of the trip like lodging, meals, tickets, etc. Their jobs end when the customers return home safely.

Skills requirement

Love to travel

Detailed oriented

A demonstrable interest in travel.

Knowledge of key holiday destinations.

Foreign language skills.

Excellent interpersonal skills.

Communication skills.

Customer service skills.

Organizational skills.

IT skills

4.Recreation and entertainment

Recreation is any activity that people do for rest, relaxation, and enjoyment. Recreation includes a spa, wellness, fitness and other things you would like to do to keep yourself healthy and happy. The goal of recreation is to refresh a person's body and mind. Any business that provides activities for rest, relaxation and enjoyment, to refresh a person's body and mind is in the recreation business.

To be successful in hospitality businesses, it is important to have as many entertainment activities as possible. Entertainment sector includes activities that you attend such as festivals, concerts, cinema, and clubs. Entertainment businesses which provide shows such as movie or theater, attractions which are places of special interest of visits such as zoos and museums, spectator sports and participatory sports are all parts of the recreation business.

Careers in Recreation and Entertainment Sector

1.Event planner

Many hotels have conference rooms or event spaces that they rent out for various events, ranging from meetings to weddings. An event planner works with a company, or an individual, to arrange the event and then ensures it runs smoothly.

Skills requirements


Negotiation and Budgeting




Passion for Planning

2.Spa Manager

Like any managerial position, you’re going to have to be able to lead a team. As a spa manager, you’ll be responsible for the day-to-day operations, and is a great opportunity for someone with experience handling multiple tasks like bookkeeping, managing employees, and making sure that services offered by are up to date and reflect the spa’s standards.

Skills requirements

  • Management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • Financial skills
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